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National Prizes

Students and teachers win individual certificates and prizes in many categories

Best Overall Crystal K-8 –

1st prize ($200) 

2nd prize ($100) 

3rd prize ($50)

Best Quality Crystal K-8 ($100)
Coolest Crystal K-8 ($100) 

Best Overall Crystal 9-12 –

1st prize ($200) 

2nd prize ($100) 

3rd prize ($50)

Best Quality Crystal 9-12 ($100)
Coolest Crystal 9-12 ($100) 

Best Teacher’s Crystal ($100)

Our Competition

Fun STEM activity for students and teachers!

The United States Crystal Growing Competition is an important scientific outreach activity designed to provide K-12 grade students and teachers a fun, hands-on STEM experience as well as an exciting competition. Materials for crystal growth will be provided on a first come, first served basis. The objective is to grow the biggest and highest quality single crystal.

Want to get started growing crystals?

“It is events like this that help get our students excited about sciences, especially in an underprivileged district like ours… It also allowed an organic chemist like me to go back to my days of growing crystals for X-ray.”

-Bradley Miller of J.C. Harmon High School in Kansas City, Kansas

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